Brad and Julie Norman

Where do we begin?…our lives have never been dull!

Our pasts have molded and shaped us and given us experiences we draw on. As you read various posts you will find out more about us. But here’s the quick list version:

Brad was a college scholarship golfer, owned, ran and worked a painting company, served as a bi-vocational pastor, and now full time pastor. Also dad to 5 children and husband to Julie.

Julie was a professional ballet dancer, owned a ballet school and taught ballet, was a kid’s ministry director, disciples women, travels with Mary Southerland, and writes and records videos for Ten Mina Life. Also, mom of 5 children, and wife to Brad.

We met as freshmen in high school, reconnected at 20-year high school reunion, Brad had a long and difficult battle with thyroid cancer. We were both divorced and broken, then God…restored and healed us. Actually, he is still restoring and healing us.

The more we learn about the love, grace, and peace, of Jesus through His word, prayer, and His promptings, AND the more we apply the things He teaches us, the happier, healthier, and more peaceful our family is. We are blessed to be part of a blended family. We can get messy. However, when we are gracefully blending, the light and love of Jesus shines. The same holds true for any family whatever that family looks like, for any relationships you have, and for yourself. Don’t forget to give yourself grace too! Learning to give grace and mercy is a journey that begins with Jesus and will continue on as you walk in your most important relationship with Him. He is the guide!

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