Julie’s passion to answer questions about Jesus and the Bible in order to help others grow a multiplying faith in Christ will open the door to make an event interactive, engage the audience to think more deeply about the Bible, and create conversations that result in growth and application of the Word. Julie’s presentations are excellent for a variety of events from conferences, mom’s groups, students, and retreats. Her grace-filled approach puts audiences at ease as she tackles questions and doubts. Jesus welcomed questions asked with an honest heart. Relationships are built by asking questions in order to get to know someone better. That is exactly what Jesus wants, for us to know Him better! When we know Him, we love Him! When we love Him, we glorify Him and share Him.

Speaking Topics

Below you will see some typical topics. However Julie is happy to work with ministry coordinators to tailor each event to the unique needs and requests of the audience. Because every group is different, she strives to bring a message that will be impactful, and meaningful to each event.

Do doubts and questions paralyze you? Or, do they spur you on to find answers? Have you been taught that doubts mean you don’t have faith? Have you kept your doubts and questions silent fearing the judgement that could come from asking questions? In this deep look at the Parable of the Ten Minas, Julie will address the kinds of doubts people have and the role doubts can play in our spiritual growth. She will give fresh, freeing, and positive insight to what doubt is. This session sheds light on our questions and doubts and those of our children. They struggle too and they need to know their questions are ok, that we trust God enough, and that He transcends our doubts.

Why do people struggle to come to Jesus or to trust God? How can we know that God is with us through every struggle? Is it wrong to struggle with God? Our understanding of how God views our struggle with Him and with others colors the way we come to Him, surrender to Him, and follow Him. In this session Julie will unpack Genesis 32:22 Jacob wrestles with God. This insightful look at a simple name change will give an audience a new perspective on “struggle” and how we can, through the blood of Jesus, walk in victory in and through our struggles.
Saying “No” to the good things so you can say “Yes” to the God thing. This session is ideal for women or moms who often feel overwhelmed and underwater. Women want to be the best mom, wife, friend, employee, neighbor, and volunteer possible. The problem comes when we are faced with so many good opportunities to serve that it becomes difficult to decipher what God actually has planned for us. We all want to walk in His will, we want to grow in Him. We want all that He has planned for us. In this session, Julie shows how easily women halt their own growth, exposes the enemy’s sneaky plan to keep us too busy and to frustrate us, and gives applicable steps to overcome the urges we have to “do too much.”


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